Abbas Akkasi

I am Abbas a postdoc at TakeLab. I like to work in various fields of computing world but because of the beauties of artificial intelligence, I prefer to concentrate on this area. Machine learning and NLP are two special fields that I am working currently in.

Postdoctoral researcher at TakeLab, FER, University of Zagreb
June 2017 – present
  abbas.akkasi [at] fer [dot] hr


Ph.D. (2012-2016): Computer Engineering- Computational Intelligence, EMU University, North Cyprus.

Thesis Title: Chemical Named Entity Recognition using Undersampling and Classifier Ensemble.

Visiting Ph.D. Student (Fall 2013): Xidian University, China

M.Sc. (2006-2008): Computer Engineering- Software,  Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran

Thesis Title:   A New Method for Benchmarking Application in the Enterprise Architecture Planning Process Based on Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework

B.Sc. (2002-2005): Computer Engineering- Software,  Iran.


NLP, Machine Learning, Classifiers Ensemble, Text Mining, Deep Learning


Graduate Courses:

  • Evolutionary Algorithms, Azad University of Bandar Abbas ( ), spring 2015.
  • Advanced Data Bases, Advanced Software Engineering, Research Methods, Azad University Of Bandar Abbas, Fall & Spring 2015.
  • Distributed Systems, Larestan University ( ), Bandar Abbas IAU, spring 2015.
  • Data Mining, Knowledge Engineering, NLP, Payam- E-Noor University of Gheshm ( Spring 2015.

Under Graduate Courses:

  1. Software engineering, Software engineering lab, Expert system, Algorithm design, Adiban University, Garmsar, Iran, ( ), 5 semesters. 2007- until 2011
  2. Data structure, Database system, Software engineering, Islamic Azad University (Bandar Abbas branch), Bandar Abbas, Iran, , 2 semesters. 2008-2010
  3. System analysis and design , Software lab, Database, Islamic Azad University, Garmsar, Iran, , 2 semester.2009
  4. System analysis and design, Requirement engineering, Software engineering, Database management, Data structure, Object oriented programming, University of Applied Science and Technology , Tehran , Iran ,, 5 semesters. 2007 until 2011
  5. Compiler design, Programming language design &implementation, Payam-E-Noor University, Damavand and Hasan Abad, Iran,, 4semesters.2007-2009


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  • Abbas Akkasi et al, Control of Smart Communities Based On Cellular Phone with A Case Study of “Filipino Flash Mobs, 6th knowledge management conference, Feb 2014, Tehran, Iran.
  • Abbas Akkasi, “New approach to software regression testing with using Neural Networks“, ISTEC 2012, Dubai.
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