Spreading the Word

Conference? AI? An invitation with our name on it? Count us in! Jan visited the AI2Future conference in Zagreb and gave a great talk about our latest project — CATACX!

Once again, we joined our forces with our students to help us prove our worth at the renowned SemEval-2017 competition! In the end, it seems that their hard work paid off.

Best SemEval Eval!

Climbing the Social Ladder

Climbing the nearby hill Sljeme is definitely a way to climb the social ladder in TakeLab! That’s why we invited all TakeLab friends to join us in this endeavor on July 8. Spoiler alert: we had a blast!

Student helpers finally got their burgers and cake for helping us with the Machine Learning course. There are even some familiar faces from the Artificial Intelligence course!

From Machine Learning to Burgers