Climbing the Social Ladder

Climbing the nearby hill Sljeme is definitely a way to climb the social ladder in TakeLab! That’s why we invited all TakeLab friends to join us in this endeavor on July 8. Spoiler alert: we had a blast!

Student helpers finally got their burgers and cake for helping us with the Machine Learning course. There are even some familiar faces from the Artificial Intelligence course!

From Machine Learning to Burgers

Conferencia en Valencia

We spent the last week in beautiful Valencia, attending this year’s EACL. Besides presenting four of our papers and a poster, we had some great time sightseeing the town, swimming in the freezing sea, and drinking some traditional sangria and agua de Valencia! We are quite happy with this vacation before the real summer vacation!

Some of our students helped us in making the last edition of our AI course great, so we decided to take them out for a well-deserved dinner. After a lot of delays and organizational hiccups, we’ve finally settled for some Italian cuisine!

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait