TakeLab Xmas Party II

On December 19 we threw the second Xmas party for our students to relax and enjoy this holiday season! With irreplaceable Christmas music playlists in the background, we had a blast — eating pizza, chatting, laughing, and even having a pub quiz!

Have you ever heard of Dzongkha? No? Now’s your chance! Yeshi Wangchuk, a professor from Bhutan, made a research visit to our lab!

From Bhutan with Happiness

Let Them Do NLP

Do you know what our students did for their NLP projects in this year’s Text Analysis and Retrieval course? Do you want to find out? Now’s the right time to do so!

We are looking for motivated annotators to help us with the events annotation in Croatian and English texts! Don’t hesitate and apply right away!

Events Annotation in EN and HR Texts