Interns Wanted (Q2 2019)!

We’ve got a new research internship for those interested in doing NLP in Croatia. Make sure to apply before 15 March 2019!

We have worked with great student interns and it was great. So great that we want to do it again — we are again offering a 3-month student internship positions in R&D for natural language processing.

Interns Wanted (Q1 2019)!

From Russia With Love

Filip packed his bags and left for Moscow to participate in the DeepBayes summer school, learning a thing or two about using Bayesian methods within deep learning. And, of course, indulging in the traditional Ukrainian and Georgian cuisine.

We’ve got a new position in Natural Language Processing, this time for a full-time research engineer. This is a perfect opportunity for those who want to experience working with the leading NLP group in Croatia.

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