KTLab at CeBIT 2010

At the world’s largest computer expo CeBIT held in Hannover, origins of which date back to 1986, FER is presented in this year’s CeBIT edition under the slogan “Connected Worlds”.

TakeLab member Artur Šilić proposed the title of his PhD thesis on November 13, 2012. The accepted title of his PhD thesis is “Temporal visualization of large text collections based on correspondence analysis”.

PhD Thesis Proposal – Artur Šilić

ITA project launched

FER KTLab signed a contract with the Croatian Institute for Technology for the project Intelligent Text Analyzer. INTER SIG company is our project partner. Two new KTLab members will also work on the project: Goran Glavaš and Mladen Karan.

The CADIAL project was awarded the Prime Minister Award for special achievements in the field of e-Government. The CADIAL search engine is the first system that implements Eurovoc thesaurus for structuring and retrieval of legislative documents in Croatian.

VIDI e-novation awards