KTLab team and our projects in InfoTrend

The article about the activities of our KTLab team on the AIDE project can be found in InfoTrend. While we were posing for the front page, Artur Šilić and Jure Mijić were finishing their student visits at IRISA – INRIA in Rennes, France, and the Katholieke Universitet in Leuven, Belgium, as a part of the CADIAL project.

TakeLab has participated in 8th International Conference on Formal Approaches in South Slavic and Balkan Languages held September 19 – 21 in Dubrovnik, Croatia with two papers.

FASSBL 2012 Conference

KTLab students awarded Master’s degree

FER KTLab is pleased to announce that nine of our students succesfully defended their master theses at the end of June. Theses cover diverse and interesting topics in text mining and natural language processing. We congratulate our students for their hard work and for earning the masters degree!