TakeLab on Croatian Radio

TakeLab member Jan Šnajder was a guest on Croatian Radio in the “Oko znanosti” show. He presented activities of TakeLab as a combination of text mining, information retrieval and natural language processing. Also, he explained the complexities as well as many useful and beneficial applications in these areas. The full show can be found online.

FER KTLab signed a contract with the Croatian Institute for Technology for the project Intelligent Text Analyzer. INTER SIG company is our project partner. Two new KTLab members will also work on the project: Goran Glavaš and Mladen Karan.

ITA project launched

CroNER developed

A state-of-the-art named entity extraction (NER) system for Croatian language has been developed in TakeLab. A web demonstration is available. The system can successfully extract many named entity types (most important being Person, Organisation, and Location) from text. A detailed description can be found in the paper.