PhD Students++

TakeLab has just taken in two new PhD students, getting more crowded than ever! After all, the world could always use more know-it-alls.

Houston, we have a new professor. The driving force of TakeLab, Jan, finally got a promotion he’s been after for a while now. His hard work, dedication, and passion finally got recognized, and we couldn’t be any happier!

One Step Further

Fresh Youngsters on the Block!

Ten new bachelor students have joined our ranks. Prepare for lots of interesting student research in the upcoming months!

Your new product is getting a ton of comments on your Facebook page? You want to find out what customers really think about your product, without going through thousand of comments manually? Do not fret — we’ve just started a project called CATACX (Cog-Affective social media Text Analytics for Customer eXperience analysis) aiming to improve customer experience through state-of-the-art text analytics.