From Bhutan with Happiness

Have you ever heard of Dzongkha? No? Now’s your chance! Yeshi Wangchuk, a professor from Bhutan, made a research visit to our lab!

A month ago, we got a visitor from the happiest country (or to be precise, a kingdom) in the world — Bhutan. Professor Yeshi Wangchuk from the Information Technology Department, College of Science and Technology of Bhutan came to Zagreb for an one-month research visit to our small laboratory.

Besides learning some very interesting facts about Bhutan (Have you heard of Gross National Happiness?), we’ve also learned something about Bhutan’s official language Dzongkha. As this beautiful language is still mostly manually processed by experts, Yeshi focused his efforts on researching the text segmentation for Dzongkha during his stay here.

We can only hope that Yeshi enjoyed his stay in Zagreb and that he’s gotten something out of it! We expect he’ll lend us a hand if we are ever to visit Bhutan (which we are definitely considering since his stay here).