From Machine Learning to Burgers

Student helpers finally got their burgers and cake for helping us with the Machine Learning course. There are even some familiar faces from the Artificial Intelligence course!

Every year, we follow the tradition of taking our student helpers out for a dinner. This time around, our Machine Learning student helpers who helped us with the last edition of the courseĀ have finally gotten their reward!

Helping with Machine Learning practical assignments is quite a feat: besides helping us test our assignments before actually publishing them, the helpers also participate in evaluating students. These examinations are thorough and ask for a lot of patience, as we think that practical assignments should be more than just typing some code and answering the set of boring questions.

We are glad that they helped us! šŸ™‚ What is a better reward than a burger followed by an overly chocolaty cake?

Thanks to Luka, Andro, Antea, Tena, and Tomislav!