TakeLab Xmas Party II

On December 19 we threw the second Xmas party for our students to relax and enjoy this holiday season! With irreplaceable Christmas music playlists in the background, we had a blast — eating pizza, chatting, laughing, and even having a pub quiz!

Holiday season always brings an opportunity to take a break from work and hang out with the people you …erm…well, with the people you like to hang out with! We seized that opportunity by inviting all of our current and past students to join us for our second TakeLab Christmas party, destined for December 19!

The party started with a short delay (You cannot hurry the Christmas ornaments!), and was soon met with a dozen of pizzas, suitable to everyone’s liking. After we got out stomachs full, we handed our official TakeLab t-shirts to our new BSc and MSc students and asked them for an annual group photo!

This time around, however, we wanted to make this party a bit less passive. Our students came up with an idea of making a pub quiz, and we just had to deliver! In the end, all the guests loved it, so we could call this idea a success.

Rest of the evening (and a fair portion of the night-time) was spent in chat and laughter, alongside irreplaceable Christmas music playlists. 🙂 But the party had to end and now there’s nothing left but to wait for the next edition, hopefully in even greater numbers! 🙂