A Tale about Entailment

As a part of SenseHive workshop we held today, we got an opportunity to hear a couple of words about the intriguing topic of textual entailment from our colleague, Sebastian Padó. Sebastian holds the chair of theoretical computational linguistics at IMS, Stuttgart. His research interests lie in lexical semantics and semantic processing, primarily from distributional and multilingual perspectives.

It was not very hard to persuade Sebastian into giving a talk on his research venues. His talk, “Textual Entailment and Entailment Graphs for Text Analytics“, gave a sneak-peak into this intriguing and challenging task, as well as the motivation, methods, technology, and the practical use of entailment in analyzing real-world customer interaction data. Sebastian also presented a widely used platform for textual entailment, Excitement Open Platform, which he co-authored.

Appeal of the topic was evidenced by a classroom crowded by students and other people interested in this topic.

Big thanks to Sebastian for his inspiring talk!