Best SemEval Eval

Once again, we joined our forces with our students to help us prove our worth at the renowned SemEval-2017 competition! In the end, it seems that their hard work paid off.

Once again, we decided to “test our might” at the international SemEval competition. Following our steps from the last year, we invited our bachelor students to help us with this endeavor as a replacement for their typical student seminars. Knowing how our students are competitive in nature, we weren’t surprised that all of them decided to take us up on that offer.

This year we tackled four different tasks: community question answering, sentiment analysis in Twitter, fine-grained sentiment analysis on financial microblogs and news, and learning to discern funnier tweet among the two. If interested, check out other tasks as well.

Under our watchful eye, the students meticulously worked on their systems for a few months. Expectedly, hard work paid off! You can find our ranks and papers below:

Task 3: Community Question Answering
(Toni Kukurin, Filip Šaina, Lukrecija Puljić, Mladen Karan, Jan Šnajder)
Ranks: 10th (Subtask A)

Task 4: Sentiment Analysis in Twitter
(Doria Šarić, David Lozić, Ivan Tokić, Zoran Medić, Jan Šnajder)
Ranks: 14th (Subtask A), 5th (Subtask B), 3rd (Subtask D)

Task 5: Fine-Grained Sentiment Analysis on Financial Microblogs and News
(Leon Rotim, Martin Tutek, Jan Šnajder)
Ranks: 5th (Subtask B)

Task 6: #HashtagWars: Learning a Sense of Humor
(Juraj Malenica, Marin Kukovačec, Antonio Šajatović, Ivan Mršić, Domagoj Alagić, Jan Šnajder)
Ranks: 2nd (Subtask A), 2nd (Subtask B)

We’d like to thank everybody that contributed and made this possible, especially our bachelor students: Marin Kukovačec, Toni Kukurin, David Lozić, Juraj Malenica, Ivan Mršić, Lukrecija Puljić, Filip Šaina, Antonio Šajatović, Doria Šarić, and Ivan Tokić.