CADIAL Search Engine

A semantic search engine for quick and easy full-text and structured retrieval. Now used for indexing and retrieving the entire Croatian legislation.


The CADIAL search engine is an intelligent search engine designed for structured document retrieval with the support for morphological normalization of Croatian language. The search engine can be used on documents in any language and the morphological procedures for any other language can be easily added. The search engine also supports categorized documents and enables search procedures to use categories and any other meta-information to further improve search performance. Advanced custom filtering is also supported, thus enabling the construction of custom-faceted search procedures. The search engine is designed for medium to large scale applications and was tested to perform quickly and efficiently on over half a million structured documents. We’ve applied the engine on Croatian legislative documents, but it can be integrated into different platforms (web service or a desktop applications) and applied to other document collections.

Specification & Features
  • Enables cross-language document retrieval
  • Support for morphological normalization
  • Search procedures that can use categories and other metadata
  • Advanced custom filtering and custom faceted search
  • Designed for medium and large scale information retrieval applications
  • Quick and efficient performance on huge document collections
  • Web-based search interface
CADIAL Project

CADIAL search engine ( enables cross-language document retrieval based on the Eurovoc thesaurus. The search engine is one of the results of the CADIAL project ( carried out in co-operation with the Department of Computer Science at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Croatian Information Documentation Referral Agency (HIDRA), and the Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb.


CADIAL search engine is available at Learn more about the project at