Your new product is getting a ton of comments on your Facebook page? You want to find out what customers really think about your product, without going through thousand of comments manually? Do not fret — we’ve just started a project called CATACX (Cog-Affective social media Text Analytics for Customer eXperience analysis) aiming to improve customer experience through state-of-the-art text analytics.

The analysis of customer opinions towards products and services is crucial for any business. Much of communication that a company has with its customers, traditionally done through dedicated customer support channels, is now taking place on social networks. Besides to communicate with the company, customers use social networks to communicate among themselves and, often critically, discuss company’s products and services. Furthermore, social networks are characterized by high speed, high volume, interactivity, availability, and informality, and directness of communication. As such, they are an invaluable source of information for the analysis of customer opinions and customer experience (CX).

The goal of CATACX is to develop and validate an innovative solution for textual analysis of user comments from social networks, aiming to support a detailed and comprehensive analysis of user experience. We will base our solution on state-of-the-art natural language processing and machine learning techniques. A distinguishing feature of our solution is the multidimensional analysis of text subjectivity, which includes both cognitive (attitudes, reasons, sentiment) and affective (emotions) aspects of online communication. Such an analysis, carried out over a large number user comments, will provide insights about the experiences that the users have with certain products and services, what they expect, what thrills or disappoints them, and what they perceive as a problem. These are valuable insights for improving the customer experience and improving business results.

Having CATACX on our hands also provided us with a perfect opportunity to hire some skilled people for our ranks. We did not need to look very far — the people we trust the most are our hard-working students. We therefore welcome Zoran Medić, Ivan Paljak, and Ivan Sekulić and wish them a lot of intensive labor, no coffee breaks…and a lot of fun! (That’s what’s most important, isn’t it?) Having them on board, we are sure that this intensive 1-year project will be successful! 🙂

So, let’s put our shoulders to the wheel!