Closing the Deal

Eleven of our amazing students successfuly defended their theses (five bachelor and six master theses). Congrats!

TakeLab proudly announces that our hard-working students have successfully defended their bachelor and master theses.

Bachelor theses:

  • Filip Čulinović: “Unsupervised Learning for Corpus-Based Verb Class Acquisition”
  • Paula Gombar: “Context-Sensitive Sentiment Analysis of Croatian Expressions”
  • Ivan Paljak: “Stance Analysis and Classification from User Generated Content”
  • Ivan Sekulić: “Automated Extraction of Semantic Relations between Croatian Verbs”
  • Jura Šlosel: “Modelling Coherence in Croatian Texts Via Entity Analysis”

Master theses:

  • Toni Antunović: “Automated Construction of Bilingual Lexicons Based on Semantic Vector Spaces”
  • Krešimir Baksa: “Shallow Semantic Parsing of Croatian Texts”
  • Dino Dolović: “A Model for Sentiment Analysis of Croatian Tweets”
  • Goran Gašić: “Deep Learning Word Vector Representations for Sequence Labelling of Croatian Texts”
  • Lana Lisjak: “Recognizing Textual Entailment in Croatian Texts”
  • Mihael Šafarić: “Feature Selection and Document Representations for Efficient Text Classification”

We congratulate all of our students on their huge efforts and outstanding theses!