Croatian N-Lex Connector

A plugin that enables the use of the CADIAL search engine through the unified N-Lex interface and thus makes the Croatian legislation accessible to users throughout Europe. Furthermore, as CADIAL automatically assigns cross-lingual EuroVoc descriptors to documents, cross-lingual search via the descriptors is possible.


Local legislative document databases of European Union member countries are quite heterogeneous. Consequently, there’s a need of building a unified interface that would allow a uniform access to legislations of various member states. It is with this in aim in mind that the EU N-Lex portal was created. After Croatia has joined the EU, it became important to enable searching of Croatian legislation through the portal. In collaboration with experts from the Digital Information Documentation Office and the N-Lex portal team, we’ve developed a Croatian plugin for the portal. The plugin is a gateway to the Cadial search engine, which we have developed earlier in the CADIAL project. Cross-lingual search is further simplified by using the EuroVoc thesaurus as indexing terms.

Project fact sheet

Participants: Digital Information Documentation Office of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, The EU N-Lex team, TakeLab FER
Duration: 2 months