Fuzzy, Evolutionary, and Neuro-Computing

Students who finish this course will acquire the theoretical foundations of soft computing. On a practical side, they will develop the skills necessary to apply fuzzy, evolutionary, and neuro-computing methods on a variety of problems, including approximate reasoning and fuzzy control. Once you go fuzzy, you never go back.

Course description

Fuzzy, evolutionary and neuro-computation is a group of methods – often referred to as soft computing – that differ from classical computational methods in very fundamental ideas. The cornerstone of these methods is approximate reasoning, self learning, parallelism and non-determinism. For the most part, soft computing methods are inspired by concepts from biology, such as the biological neuron, the process of evolution, human like approximate reasoning, etc. Soft computing methods can solve problems on which the traditional mathematical and computational methods perform poorly or even fail completely. Soft computing methods are used both in scientific research and in a myriad of applications and everyday products.

Additional information

The course is currently offered in Croatian only.
Browse the official course website at http://www.fer.unizg.hr/predmet/nenr

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