Hiking, Food, Drinks, Games, …

On Sunday July 12 we had a second TakeLab Hangout, a gathering of all those who love TakeLab more than anything else in this world. This time we hiked to Sljeme and spent an amazing day in front of Runolist.

On Sunday July 12 we had a second TakeLab Hangout, an event aiming to gather all those who have TakeLab in their hearts: our current and former students, former TakeLab members, and, of course, TakeLab’s current staff. Unlike last year when we just ate pizza in a large lecture room, this time we decided for something more ambitious: hiking to Sljeme. We started at 9.30 AM in front of the tunnel in Gračani. After an hour or so our guitar players were the first to arrive in front of our destination, the Runolist restaurant (congrats to Ivan & Ivan).

We then had lunch at Runolist, choosing from a variety of delicious homemade dishes. After lunch we all took a nap (NOT!). What followed can only be described as a glorious mixture of singing, playing games, and drinking (strictly non-alcoholic beverages, of course!). You can check for yourself just how much fun we had in the photos below.