In the Land of Fire and Ice

LREC is the largest conference in NLP and CL (both by number of participants and papers), focused on language resources and evaluation. The ninth edition of the conference, held in the beautiful Harpa center in Reykjavik, gathered over a thousand participants eager to exchange knowledge and experience.Naturally, TakeLab had to be there for an event of such a magnitude.

With over a thousand participants, LREC is the largest conference in the area of natural language processing and computational linguistics. The ninth edition of the conference was held at the modern Harpa center in Iceland’s capital Reykjavik.

As you might imagine, TakeLab simply couldn’t miss such an important NLP event. We participated with three contributions. Bojana presented the paper “Multi-label Classification of Croatian Legal Documents Using EuroVoc Thesaurus” at the Workshop on Semantic Processing of Legal Texts (SPLeT2014). Jan presented his paper “ A High-Coverage Derivational Morphology Resource for Croatian” and Goran presented his and Jan’s joint work with Parisa Krodjamshidi and Marie-Francine Mooens from KU Leuven, entitled “HiEve: A Corpus for Extracting Event Hierarchies from News Stories”.

Although it wasn’t an easy task given the overwhelming conference programme, we managed to find some time to explore the “land of fire and ice” and perpetuate the breathtaking sights on the so-called Golden circle, including Geysirs, Gullfoss waterfall, and Thingvellir National Park.