Leisure Research, Exquisite Cakes

Jan, Domagoj, and Ivan spent five days in the sunlit town of Portorož, attending this year’s LREC. Besides spending most of the time at the conference, they also managed to find time to freshen up in the sea, take a stroll around Piran…and eat a lot of cakes.

Our three papers got accepted to this year’s Language resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC 2016), giving us a perfect opportunity to visit Portorož, a beautiful coastal city in Slovenia. To make it even better, visiting Portorož only takes a 250km trip from our “headquarters” in Zagreb.

As we had arrived a day earlier, we managed to get some rest before the conference. The first day of the conference started off with a relatively lengthy opening speech, after which we were free to roam around the venue, checking some posters and talks that piqued our interest. Of course, eating lovely cakes during the coffee breaks was also a part of our general agenda. 🙂

All our presentations were scheduled for the next day, the first one being Domagoj’s talk on constructing a lexical sample for Croatian word sense disambiguation.

After we got the oral presentation out of our way, we were left off with two posters. Our student Ivan presented his work on constructing a repository of fine-grained semantic verb relations for Croatian.

Lastly, Jan presented work of our ex-student, Marko Bekavac, on graph-based word sense induction in Croatian.

Amidst countless poster sessions and talks, we’ve been hanging out with our old colleagues, meeting new ones along the way. Social events organized for the LREC’s participants — reception and gala dinner — were also great, as we had a lot of good food and a lot of laughs. Besides organized events, we also managed to find some time to take a stroll around Portorož (and Piran) and see some attractions. We  visited St. George’s Parish Church and enjoyed a great view from its clock tower. Most interestingly, we also found an overly attached stone mermaid along the coast. (Or was it Domagoj who was overly attached?)

All in all, it was a great conference. We hope we’ll attend it again in two years. 🙂