Spreading the Word

At the AI2Future conference last week, we presented CATACX — our freshly developed text analysis for analyzing social media interactions in the telecom domain.

Two venues, two workshops, eight speakers, and 240 participants: impressive stats of AI2Future, the first conference on AI in business, organized on the 5th and 6th of October in Zagreb. Being enthusiastic about machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), we just had to participate!

Jan gave a talk on CATACX (Cog-Affective social media Text Analytics for Customer eXperience analysis), our latest NLP project, funded by a HAMAG-BICRO. CATACX delivers a comprehensive analysis of customer experience in the telecom domain that goes beyond the state of the art: by using machine learning and NLP, we detect, in real time, customers’ sentiment, emotions, intents, and a range of topics. Jan wrapped the talk with a demonstration of the solution, sparking a lot of interest.

Of course, AI2F featured a bunch of other interesting talks. Among others, Siniša Šegvić presented his team’s work on computer vision, Ivana Podnar Žarko presented the symbIoTe IoT project, while Jurica Cerovec talked about how Microblink uses machine learning to develop inovative mobile apps. We also enjoyed Bernando Magnini’s keynote on conversational agents (aka chatbots) and Manos Tsagkias keynote on self-learning search engines. All in all, a big thumbs up to the initiative of EVENTA01 and DRAP.AGENCY for spreading the word on AI and machine learning. We are looking forward to the next editions of AI2Future.