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TermeX is a tool for automatic collocation extraction and terminology lexica construction. Extraction is based on fourteen different associatioon measures applicable to n-grams up to length four. Implemented lemmatization and POS filtering enable TermeX to better cope with morphological complexity of natural languages.
Main features of TermeX are: In addition to that, TermeX ensures fast and memory efficient processing of large corpora.

Davor Delač
Zoran Krleža
Frane Šarić, dipl. ing.

Project coordinators:
This work has been jointly supported by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, Republic of Croatia and Government of Flanders under the grants 036-1300646-1986 and KRO/009/06 (CADIAL).
Developed by TakeLab, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, Croatia, 2008.